random rambling #1

Ok, right now I am very upset.

Let me explain.

About three days ago I started a book, “Good Girls” by Sara Shepard. I was super excited about getting into it, because I really enjoyed the first book in the series, “The Perfectionists”.  I got into it, and it was turning out to be a sound and fluffy summer read for me to enjoy in between my books about depression and death (I loved “All the Bright Places” and “When We Collided”, but they can get really deep at times). I was about 100 pages into the book when something about it started to get suspicious. Everything happening seemed too familiar. I kept reading, assuming it was just how Sara Shepard regularly uses the same writing technique, phrases, and descriptions. I got to around page 123 and couldn’t take it anymore. So I just flipped to the last page, thinking that if I already read it I would recognize the ending. And that if I didn’t recognize it, oh well. 

I knew it. I knew the ending.

I had already read the damn book, and then I just wasted three days reading a mediocre novel reminisce of Pretty Little Liars (which I quit reading after the sixth one). Side note: why does anyone need to write a 16 book series? Cassandra Clare and Sarah J Maas shouldn’t even do that.

Not that I totally wouldn’t read anything either of those people wrote.

Eventually the series is going to get boring to the readers. Everyone will then stop reading because they want to rip their eyeballs out due to the repetitive nature of the novel. It’s just inevitable.

Back to my original thought, I’m just sad I wasted my time reading a book I had already finished. I don’t even remember reading it at all. I don’t know when I would have, and I don’t really remembered if I enjoyed it. Alas, I am now on to the next book I haven’t read yet, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”. 

Thank you to all you read and listened to my rant.

I feel much better.



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