Hello my lovelies, my name is Molly Zook.
Welcome to thenerdybookowl blog! This is where we will ignore reality, and choose to live in fantasy worlds, like Throne of Glass or Divergent. But I couldn’t be an assassin or jumping off trains, or fight demons and killing one of my best friends. So I guess I’ll just live vicariously through the badass characters in the story. I will read just about anything YA. Mara Dyer, The Hunger Games, Legend, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, and The Selection, and thousands more. I would rather read a book cuddled in my bed with a cup of tea and a box of chocolates, rather than go out and party. My bookshelf is the focal point of my room, and if you mess my organization up on my shelf I will hunt you down.

I’m going to be a freshman in high school in the fall, where I’m taking a ton of AP classes, and a journalism class that I’m super excited to take. I’m praying I stay out of the seniors way, so I don’t get shoved in a locker…or lost. While I’m not reading, I am in the pool being a fish. I swim competitively on my varsity high school team, and swim year round on a club. I wish I could have my book in front of me while I swim, so I don’t have stare at a black line for twelve hours a week. I could get so much reading done if someone could make that happen.

My favorite foods are macaroni & cheese, anything chocolate, ice cream, sushi, kettle corn, pizza, muffins, and pancakes. I drink a chai tea latte every morning while I read before school, and I cherish that half an hour of peace every day. Chai tea lattes are the best from Caribou, but the iced green teas from Starbucks are amazing too. I can’t decide which one I like more, I think Caribou is better in the winter, and Starbucks in the summer. Netflix is one of my loves, as all of my favorite shows are on it. Gilmore Girls, Vampire Diaries, Glee, and Young and Hungry are some of my guilty pleasures for TV. Damon Salvatore and Jess Mariano are my dream boyfriends, and I want to be best friends with Lorelai and Rory. Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls, Jurassic Park, Dodgeball, This is Where I Leave You, and Spy are just a few of my favorite movies to binge watch. I love listening to Twenty One Pilots, Halsey, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Niykee Heaton, Zara Larson, and Linkin Park, and I can’t do anything without music.

So that is pretty much me! I hope you would stay and discover some amazing people, books, and worlds. I would love talking to you guys, and making new connections to avid readers who will support and help us. Recommendations are welcome at anytime! Have a great time exploring my love, aka my blog.


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